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Create A Professional Newspaper With Newspaper Layout Templates - Saving You Weeks of Work, And Thousands of Dollars!

Newspaper Front Pages

Don’t waste your time and money trying to develop your newspaper from scratch. The fastest way to build a professional newspaper is to use high-quality, pre-built templates as a foundation. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel - you can now access newspaper templates that have been tried and tested and get them online fast!


Dear Newspaper designer,

I’m incredibly excited to bring you something that has never before been available to small newspaper owners/designers. You can’t miss this opportunity! Please read on to find out more.

Newspaper templates are an essential tool when creating or redesigning a newspaper. They will speed up the production schedule, maintain consistent and high-quality finish and streamline the whole process of newspaper production.


Whether you’re a new or existing newspaper owner, a designer or a journalism student, you will benefit from a set of powerful pre-built templates. Here's why:

If you’re trying to start your own paper, the cost of hiring an experienced designer to develop your newspaper templates can be around $10,000 to $15,000. And this would not include your style guides, design guidelines and media kits.

Fortunately you can now get pre-made templates (and many other tools) created by a newspaper expert of 10 years, as well as his ongoing professional support, for a fraction of that cost. Then you can then simply hire a junior designer to work from the templates – saving you thousands!

Noah Rush Layout Executive

Newspaper designer, layout
and production guru of
10 years reveals the secrets
that the big newspapers and professional designers want
to keep to themselves

If this is you, and you are keen on saving time, money and resources in your newspaper operations, then read on.

Did You Know That When Designers Produce the Layout for Newspapers, They Simply Place All the Content Into
Pre-made Templates?

Sure, a lot of hard work goes into creating the templates for the first issue of a newspaper, but every issue after that is a much simpler process.

A newspaper would never reach the shelves on time if they did not have a powerful template to quickly utilise. The better the designer, the better the templates, but generally these templates should include:

  • Page layout with elements for each section (see image) Font choice, paragraph and character styles Flexibility to expand and develop the template as you see fit
  • Colour swatches for commonly used colours

As I said before, these templates can take up to 4 to 6 weeks on average to develop and can easily cost $10,000 to $15,000. Now you can understand why designers want to keep these templates to themselves! Having a set of pre-built templates is the key to ensuring time and cost savings for your business.

Click the image to see an animated demo of the main template pages!

Now You Can Start With Great Templates Too

You don’t need to be an experienced designer to create professional pages – not when you are working from great templates.

Creating or redesigning an entire newspaper requires employing a specialist in this area. My time developing these templates cost the client around $40,000 ! But once I had the templates, it would only take me 2-3 days to lay out an entire edition. With these newspaper templates, you won’t have to pay for someone like me to develop them from the ground up.

Starting with great templates gives you the ability to build upon a solid foundation. They do not limit your design, but they give a framework on which your newspaper can develop. Using the templates will allow you to start your newspaper today!

Now you can benefit from the years of experience of a professional newspaper designer who has worked on some of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines, without it costing you an arm and a leg!

No Other Website Offers Ready To Use Newspaper Templates That Have Been Used In The Creation of a
Real Newspaper

If you have searched the web for newspaper templates you would know that the only other templates available are not made with powerful design software, and do not include a complete style guide to guarantee a consistent newspaper design, no matter if your layout staff changes from time to time.

I know you probably have your doubts, but you can feel confident and here's why:

  • Reason one: I have created my own successful newspaper templates for a State-wide newspaper, and single handedly produced the layout and design of every edition in Adobe InDesign – being paid nearly $3,000 an edition !!!

  • Reason two: I also trained journalism students in Newspaper Layout and Design at one of Australia’s leading universities. The students gained such great experience from my training combined with the templates I provided, that the Journalism department wanted to permanently integrate my training into the course curriculum!! I had to turn down that offer, because I was then employed by one of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers as one of two Layout Executives. Since then I have moved departments to coordinate the production of several leading Australian business magazines.

  • Reason three: With seven years’ industry experience in print production, graphic design and layout of publications, I can confidently offer you many of the tools that are used in real newspaper production. Normally, I consult at $120 per hour, but you don’t need to hire me to benefit from all my years of experience because I have documented all that is needed in one package for you.

There is No Reason Why Small Newspapers
Can’t Have Great Design!

In my experience of working in both small and large publications, I have seen first hand that there is just no reason why a small newspaper can’t have the same systems that the biggest and best use. There is no doubt that the future of publishing newspapers will lean further towards Adobe InDesign as that software continues to be the market leader and is affordable to businesses of all sizes.

In fact, many of the largest newspapers, although they desire to make the change, are finding it hard to make the transition to an InDesign workflow because they are locked into proprietary contracts that cost so much money that you would probably choke if I told you. Small newspapers actually have an advantage of not having to deal with many of the problems which larger papers face and you also have the benefit of flexibility– the transition for you can be easy.

Here Are Some Benefits You Will Receive

  • The Newspaper Layout Templates are pre-made templates that will allow you to create high-quality, professional newspapers time after time.
  • The templates are created in Adobe InDesign, the industry leader in print publishing. Once you’re familiar with InDesign and the way the templates work, you can create an entire newspaper in a few days. I’ve created some video tutorials to help teach you how to use the templates, and I will be adding more regularly.
  • Even with limited experience using Adobe InDesign, the templates and video tutorials make it easy to produce professional pages every time. Simply drop in the text and images, apply the pre-built Layout Executive styles, and let the subs do the rest – it’s that easy.
  • There are numerous Newspaper Templates to choose from so that every page doesn’t look the same. Every template can be modified to accommodate for larger or smaller images and stories, giving you the freedom to work with what you have.
  • Any designers you do engage will appreciate the effort saved by starting with professional templates and a complete style guide (including paragraph, character and nested styles carefully adapted from Australia’s top newspapers).
  • The templates show a number of standard page layouts that can be modified to fit stories and images accordingly. They give you the freedom to expand and develop the newspaper as you see fit.
  • The templates automatically separate sections, and paginate the book.
  • The templates are provided with profiles to ensure that the files are exported in the format required by printers.

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what our customers say.

“The Layout Executive newspaper templates make newspaper design and production so easy. I’m a graphic designer in web and print, so I know how much work is involved and how much time I saved. Nothing like this has ever been available before!”

Mikael Wedemeyer
Owner: Niche Studio


"I was a rookie before I used the Layout Executive newspaper templates, but now my work looks professional and is constantly complimented. I can't believe how easy it was to use!"

Cassie Hunter
Bachelor of Journalism
Queensland University of Technology

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Newspaper Template Unless it Meets the Following 4 Criteria

I want to give you 4 criteria or elements that you absolutely, positively must look for in any solution you obtain:

  1. If you want to have a professional publication, you must take your foundation seriously. The future potential of your newspaper can be very restricted if you don't choose your software and templates correctly.

  2. You must make sure that the templates you use have been created to be flexible enough to allow for the growth of your paper. Many of the big newspapers have to pay significant amounts of money every couple of years to upgrade their proprietary software, which doesn’t offer this flexibility.

  3. You must ensure you obtain a professional solution. You can spot a community newspaper a mile away. They look like low budget newspapers because they often cannot afford to employ an experienced designer to set up their layout templates and style guides.

  4. Printers require files sent to them in a set format. You must make sure that the software you use is compatible with your printer. A professional printer will never accept Microsoft Word or Publisher... these are for office or family newsletters!

You Get at Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

If you’re trying to start your own paper or you want to bring a fresh look to your existing one, I encourage you to purchase my templates first and then hire a designer (or junior designer) to use them. You will save thousands!!!

The Newspaper Layout Templates will be one of the most important tools in your newspaper operations and one of the keys to your success.

In summary, here's what you get:

Newspaper Layout Templates package which includes:

  • 5 x Cover Pages
  • 1 x Page 2 (includes Table of Contents and subscription info)
  • 20 x Main News
  • 14 x Feature Page (including spreads/hybrids)
  • 7 x Sport Pages
  • Style guides and supporting documentation

12 months subscription to LayoutExecutive.com including template updates, free upgrades and news and professional support.

My Seven Years of Experience is Yours Risk-Free

The bottom line is that NOWHERE is there a resource as valuable as the Newspaper Layout Templates no matter what price!

Because this is an Internet product, I'm able to pass significant cost savings on to my Internet customers (ie. you). I'm doing a test offer at a special price until 31 March 2011. Depending upon how this offer affects sales, I may or may not continue the special price after this date.

If you order the Newspaper Layout Templates before 31 March 2011 you pay only US$5,000 US$997. That's more than 95% below what an average experienced designer would charge. And over 80% less than our regular price of US$5,000.

You have our 100% money-back guarantee

Because we are confident you will find immense value in this resource, we are offering it to you risk-free. If you aren’t satisfied with it, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just let us know and your entire payment will be refunded. Right up until the final day of this 60 day guarantee.

That's right! You can download the Newspaper Layout Templates today, get started on your newspaper business immediately, and if you are not completely satisfied with the templates at any time during the 60 days following your purchase – let us know, and your money will be refunded.

The value you will receive from the Newspaper Layout Templates alone is well worth the US$997 price tag, but since I know since I know there's more to producing a newspaper than just templates, I want to help you where I can by offering some tools that are ! If you respond now, you'll also receive the following 4 special bonuses!

Media kit templates for your ad reps or sales team

Photoshop actions (scripts) for automatically formatting images for print,
and tutorials describing this process

Microsoft Word Article Templates with Macros
for editing and formating articles

Forms and checklists for story creation

This Incredible Information is Yours
in Less Than Five Minutes

Taking the first step couldn't be easier. Using our secure server, you can get professional Newspaper Layout Templates, including the FOUR FREE BONUS GIFTS (valued at US$3,600) immediately upon completion of your order.

Place Your Risk-free Order in a Few Simple Steps

  1. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ELECTRONIC FORMAT: Click below to order the electronic version online with our secure server.

    By clicking the Order Now button, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of use.

    This will take you to a secure order form. We use PayPal for processing secure payments from all major credit cards as well as other Paypal accounts if you have one. You will be charged US$997 for the electronic version of the Newspaper Layout Templates and bonuses, and will be provided with the link to download the products.

  2. Enter your order information – your name, email address, mailing address and payment information – knowing that because you are using our secure server, nobody can gain unauthorised access to your information.

  3. Click “OK.” Once your order and payment is complete, you will receive instructions to access the Newspaper Templates, and you can start your newspaper business straight away!

You can look forward to creating a professional publication at a fraction of the cost.

All the best to you and to your newspaper success,

Noah Rush

P.S. Remember, if you order the Newspaper Layout Templates today, you get all of the free bonus gifts, valued at

P.P.S.Professional newspaper templates are just a click away, and you can begin creating your newspaper in mere moments after you order the Newspaper Layout Templates. And, remember, if you are not completely satisfied with the templates within 60 days, let me know, and I will refund your full purchase price.

P.P.P.S. Remember, the Newspaper Layout Templates with the 4 Free Bonus Gifts is being offered at a much-reduced price as a marketing test, for a limited time! When the time expires, the whole deal will change, and you may miss your chance to get the Newspaper Layout Templates, Media kit templates for your ad reps or sales team, Photoshop actions (scripts) for automatically formatting images for print, and tutorials describing this process, Microsoft Word document templates for story creation, Forms and checklists for story creation – all in the same package, at this bargain price. Click here to get your templates today.

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